A Salute to U.S. Servicewomen 2016
House Joint Resolution 51 (HJR 51)
Senate Joint Resolution 15 (SJR 15)

Call your members of Congress toll-free 1-877-762-8762 to cosponsor HJR 51 and SJR 15!
Secretary Carter,

Before sending more Women into Harm's Way
Make sure that they are fully protected 
By ratifying Women's 14th Amendment - ERA!

U4E stands with our servicewomen who are protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution that does not protect and defend their inalienable rights as citizens.   America's 'general welfare' must extend to all citizens regardless of sex to guarantee human beings are equal under law.

No more rapes in the military.
No more combat restrictions on women.
Equal healthcare and pay.
Family-friendly policies for greater promotions.

PSA sponosored by: U4E Louisiana

Written By: Camille Moran, Carolyn Cook, Judy Wilson
Produced by: Judy Wilson, U4E Publicity Consultant, jwrew@comcast.net & Ron Phillips, Real Warrior TV