Connie Morella
Former Ambassador 
and MD Congresswoman (R)
Dear Carolyn,

Congratulations on your successful efforts in the introduction of HJ Res. 47.

I am in agreement with the resolution. 

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the event on November 12 since I will be out of town, returning the next day.

I was appointed to the first Montgomery County Commission for Women in 1972, becoming its second president.  I lobbied for equity for women in education, credit, housing, employment, and the Equal Rights Amendment.  

The ERA did finally pass the MD legislature, but my experience in seeking women's rights motivated me to run for office. Thus began my political service in the MD legislature and later in the US House of Representatives.  So I say "the women's movement put the movement into me."
You have my best wishes for a successful event - and passage of HJ Res. 47.
Connie Morella

Jill Brantley
Sociology Professor
American University 

Carolyn, That was just a superb class today. It was our last substantive class of the semester; they now have three weeks of exam and process and then they present their ideas on issues they have selected as points of negotiation for their generation. 

You made the class everything I could have hoped for-clear focus on equality, wonderful statement about what history does for us in giving us a sense of our own potential (I was so grateful for that because I do put a very heavy emphasis on history in the course), very open personal touches, good sense of importance of activism. I have had a couple of students who weren't in the class stop by today to say they heard we really had a good speaker.


You did a world of good for the class and for ERA. It was a thoroughly stimulating class and I had a wonderful time. 

Thank you again, Best, Jill

 Muriel Bowser
Ward 4 
Washington, D.C. Council Member (D)

Carolyn is a busy and active resident in Ward 4. Carolyn is a strong advocate for all women's issues and worked with me to introduce, "Sense of the DC Council that the District of Columbia supports the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment as the 28th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Resolution of 2011." 

It passed unanimously, by the way. Carolyn's passion coupled with her leadership is authentic, commendable and appreciated. 

Sincerely yours,
Muriel Bowser 

Laura Callow
Chair, Michigan Coalition for Equal Rights Studies
Co-Founder, Michigan ERAmerica
Michigan Women's Hall of Fame Inductee

Introduction: Carolyn Cook, Women’s Equality Day Luncheon August 25, 2012

Livonia, MI

 I first met our speaker, Carolyn Cook in 2009, on a conference call.  We were both members of the ERA Campaign Network.  This is a Coalition of ERA Supporters from both ratified and unratified states.  We communicate through phone calls and E-mail.

At that time, we were pushing a resolution in Congress that said Congress would recognize the ratification of three more states.  Activists in unratified states were having trouble getting support because their legislators said they had no assurance that Congress would recognize their ratification.  It was a catch 22.

Carolyn spoke up and said, “Why don’t we eliminate the time-limit? Get rid of it all together." I thought this was a brilliant idea and still do.  But I had second thoughts on how this could be accomplished. 

Well, I really didn’t know Carolyn and I clearly underestimated her.  She has worked tirelessly.  You can read about all the support she has gained for this strategy in a very short time on her handout.

And, I can also, tell you that Carolyn never misses a chance to lobby.  This past week she’s been working on the Michigan’s Congressional delegation.  Other than saying that she has very good news, I’ll let her tell you the results.

Please welcome the woman, I believe is a Susan B. Anthony or Alice Paul in the making -- Carolyn Cook.

Laura Callow