Welcome to U4E's advocacy scorecard for HJR 53 & SJR 5

No Republican senators have signed on to SJR 5.
11 Democratic senators from states in blue haven't signed on to #SJR 5.  
Sen. Jon Tester, Montana        Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri      Sen. Chuck Schumer, New York
Sen. Michael Bennet, Colorado           Sen. Joe Donnolly, Indiana           Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvania
Sen. Heidi Heitcamp, North Dakota     Sen. Patrick Leahy, Vermont        Sen. Joe Manchin, W. Virginia
Sen. Tom Carper, Delaware                 Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware

Our goal is to win back the 1972 congressional support for the ERA in PURPLE (bottom map) in the current Congress for 2017- 2018 in the upper two maps (Left - House) (Right - Senate).  To date, we have the support of 34 senators and 164 representatives which is terrific! But we need bipartisan support for a committee hearing, floor vote and passage. Our civic engagement will ultimately decide whether Congress removes their arbitrary time-limit for women's equal citizenship or continues to obstruct equality for all.