It's the visionary pioneers of our past and our present, who dare to cross the bridge of ignorance and fear, so civilization can grow and mature. Carolyn A.Cook, CEO/Founder

When 'Uncle Sam' entrusted our 'General Welfare' to charities, he neglected to guarantee public policy improvements. In the 21st Century, women remain 2nd class citizens under the U.S. Constitution with only the right to vote. For every civil liberty that men granted one another, for women, these privileges are the subject of endless government debate.

Sure, the lure of tax-exempt donations is appealing, but there's a trade off when year-after-year nothing improves.

Women make up 1/2 of our workforce, pay an equal % of taxes without equal pay, serve in our military but are barred from combat positions and provide primary care to children and elders without any assurance of life, liberty and happiness.

Women's token leadership is not coincidental. It's the result of a worldwide, systemic, centuries-old tradition of religious and government-imposed inferiority and it must end. Oppressing 52% of the world's population will not bring about peace or prosperity. It is leading to our demise.

America must enact the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure that all human beings are entitled to the same inalienable rights, responsibilities and privileges as citizens of our republic. We began our campaign in 2011 to finish the ERA by 2015 - 4 years, 3 states, and 1 human race.

11 years later, and one century in the making (1923 - 2023), let's unite for the 28th Amendment for Women's equality in the Constitution now.

For Equality,