National ERA Survey


Overwhelmingly, Americans agree that male and female citizens should have equal rights, and the vast majority of Americans want those rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Most, however, mistakenly assume that the Constitution already guarantees those rights.

Those overall findings held true for both men and women, and for all the other demographic categories examined, by region, age, education, household income, race, and household makeup.

Following are all the actual questions asked, with the tables showing the distribution of responses for the survey respondents as a whole, and for men and women separately. In those instances in which there are statistically significant differences in the responses of men vs. women, that is so indicated. (If not indicated, any observed differences are not statistically significant.)

  1. "In your opinion, should male and female citizens of the United States have equal rights?"

  1. "As far as you know, does the Constitution of the United States make it clear that male and female citizens are SUPPOSED to have equal rights?"

  1. In your opinion, SHOULD the Constitution make it clear that male and female citizens are supposed to have equal rights?