United 4 Equality co-founder, Carolyn A. Cook is raffling off a salon haircut she won at La Reve Hair Design in Washington, DC (a $75 value) and two books she received from feminist authors (for out-of-state entrants). The United 4 Equality coalition is aiming to hire a publicist for promoting the *ERA 2015 campaign and federal legislation we proposed back in 2009 that today is known on Capitol Hill as SJR 15 & HJR 113.

(Or by mail)High 5 HaircutPO Box 42606Washington, DC 20015Name, address, phone

*The ERA 2015 campaign seeks to eliminate Congress's arbitrary deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and ultimately help win the final 3 states needed for victory!

With a senate judiciary hearing for SJR 15 ahead in September AND media apathy that doesn’t think that equal rights for WOMEN is newsworthy, we're asking YOU - to believe in our work, spread the word and help make this fundraiser a huge success! All entrants will be listed on our gratitude page!

Buy a $5 chance for a $75 salon haircut OR purchase multiple gifts to celebrate Women's Equality Day 2014 and the ERA.

Raffle drawing will take place on Women’s Equality Day 8/26/14.

Good Luck!