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Women are joining hands again to rebuild a better America. As grandmothers, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters, we are united by our collective experiences as women to finally achieve Equality and Justice for All under the Equal Rights Amendment.

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Join us to urge Congress and the President to take immediate action to lift the deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The requirements for declaring sex discrimination unconstitutional have nearly been met. Only 3 more states are needed for victory.

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BREAKING WITH TRADITION - To do something different from what is usually done.

When did you become aware that being female meant you were inferior to males? How does continued sexism subject women (and men) to a double-standard that debilitates social progress?

United 4 Equality urges government and business to partner in establishing more inclusive and responsive public policies that encourage and enhance women's leadership, economic stability and quality of life in society.

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