North Carolina


U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)

Melvin L. Watt – District 12 (D) “Have been a supporter and continue to be.”

NC Senate (State)

Floyd B. McKissick – District 20 (D)

Joel Ford – District 38 (D) “I am an advocate and supporter of equal rights but cannot say definitively I will co-sponsor or vote for a bill I haven’t yet seen.”

Martin L. Nesbitt – District 49 (D) “Possibly yes. I need to see the legislation before I can make an informed decision.”

NC House of Representatives ( State)

Susi H. Hamilton – District 18 (D)

Rosa U. Gill – District 33 (D) “The U.S. Constitution guarantees all citizens basic rights and there should be no discrimination.”

Deborah Ross – District 34 (D) “I have always supported the ERA.”

Yvonne Lewis Holley – District 38 (D) “We cannot let the equal rights of women be diminished in any way. We have worked too hard and too long. NC NEEDS TO RATIFY now.”

Marvin Lucas – District 42 (D)

Richard B. Glazier – District 44 (D) “I would definitely co-sponsor and vote to ratify the ERA.”

Verla Insko – District 56 (D) “First, I support the ERA and am glad to hear some activists are working on the issue. Isn’t the first step to clarify that the 1982 deadline was not constitutional or that it has been extended? States can’t do much until that issue is resolved—if I understand the issue correctly.”

Alma Adams – District 58 (D) “Women deserve equal status and equal protection under the law.”

Evelyn Terry – District 71 (D) “Send me the language of the bill. I must know the person who is introducing the amendment. I am for equal rights however conditions can exist that distort the best efforts of well meaning people.”

Harry Warren – District 77 (R)

Kelly Alexander – District 107 (D) “Supported it first time; continue to think it is a good idea.”

Susan C. Fisher – District 114 (D) “The recent biennium in the NC General Assembly illustrates clearly how women’s rights may be quickly eroded.”

Chuck McGrady – District 117 (R)