U4E is committed to establishing the foundation for equality among the sexes. Therefore, U4E exists as a limited liability company with a social impact mission.

Income for the ERA 2015 campaign has been self-funded and through supporter contributions. We do not earn salaries and rely on volunteers across the country to engage with our efforts.

U4E welcomes monetary gifts and bequests of any size to be used as income for our work. Books, buttons and sunhats are also available for purchase.

United 4 Equality's ERA 2015 campaign encourages philanthropists, corporations and the general public to prioritize this critical, contemporary public policy reform measure as a component of their social justice investment portfolio.

Non tax-deductible GIFTS can be made via check or Paypal to:

United 4 Equality, LLC

P.O. Box 42606

Washington, D.C. 20015