• EYE OPENERS - U4E presents the history, heroes and rationale for ending legalized sex discrimination under the Constitution.

  • SPOKESPERSONS - U4E is available for media interviews, articles, exhibits and public events to offer persuasive arguments for the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • PHILANTHROPIC & CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS - U4E makes the business case for enhancing charitable giving and corporate social responsibility portfolios with broad public policy reform measures necessary for America's future prosperity and global competitiveness.

  • SMALL GROUPS/CLUBS: U4E offers 8-week themed discussion groups for improving relationships among girls ages 9 - 16 and among mothers and daughters.

  • GREAT ESCAPES - U4E organizes women's retreats where all you have to do is show up!

  • ADVOCACY - U4E can staff your ERA legislative efforts on Capitol Hill or state legislatures.

We appreciate your business to help fund the work we do on the Equal Rights Amendment 2015 campaign.