Our Purpose:

United for Equality, LLC (U4E) represents a grassroots coalition of citizens, nonprofits and corporations committed to outlaw sex discrimination by passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in three additional states in order to reach the 38 states required by the US Constitution.


Support for U4E is largely provided by the general public to cover our operating costs and campaign materials. Income is also derived from public speaking engagements.

Monetary gifts for United for Equality's ERA 2015 campaign efforts are not tax deductible.

Our Strategy:

This social justice enterprise is dedicated solely to politically advocate for the ERA by:

    • removing the congressional time limit on its ratification;

    • passing the amendment in three additional states to complete the constitutional amendment process.

Contributions can be made via check or Paypal.

United for Equality, LLC

P.O. Box 42606

Washington, D.C. 20015

Our Activities:

  • We will represent you, your business or group's interests in state legislatures and Congress to secure passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the immediate future.

  • We make the modern-day case for equality among the sexes through media interviews, articles and public events.

  • We offer customized, interactive presentations to a variety of audiences on the history of women's equality and the importance of the ERA for America's future. To schedule a customized, interactive presentation, click here.

United for Equality (U4E) is a limited liability corporation registered in Washington, DC. We are committed to enhancing public policy now.

Thank you for your support.