United 4 Equality, LLC

U4E stands with the 35 states who have already voted YES to the Equal Rights

Amendment. We will actively aid campaigns within the 15 not-yet-ratified states

by organizing, financing and publicizing their efforts to become the 36th, 37th

and 38th state needed to complete the ratification process. Our goal is for the

Equal Rights Amendment to become the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution.

United 4 Equality's ERA 2015's campaign is primarily commissioned by philanthropists,

corporations and the general public intent on expanding their charitable investments

portfolio to include critical, contemporary public policy reform measures. United 4

Equality welcomes monetary gifts and bequests.

weekends. A limited supply of customized products are also available for purchase.

Non tax-deductible GIFTS can be made via check or Paypal to:

United 4 Equality, LLC

P.O. Box 42606

Washington, D.C. 20015

United for Equality (U4E) is a limited liability corporation registered in the District of Columbia. Thank you for your support.

United 4 Equality, LLC is available for:

Presentations on the ERA:

  • Small and large public speaking engagements*

  • Television and print interviews on the ERA 2015 campaign

  • ERA advocacy and testimony in state legislatures and Congress*

  • Exhibiting at membership meetings and conferences

Facilitating Female Discussion Groups:

  • 8-week themed discussion groups for girls ages 9 - 12 to enhance self-esteem, clarify values and celebrate sisterhood.

  • 8-week themed discussion groups for mothers and daughters to improve their relationship.

Organizing Women's Retreat Weekends along

the East Coast

Fees + travel expenses do apply